From the A.D.’s desk: obedience

This word plays such an important role when it comes to participation in athletics. In fact, athletics will teach many about how important of a role OBEDIENCE will play in athletics which we hope will carry over to their everyday life.

The word OBEDIENCE is defined as the act of obeying, which further states: to comply with or follow the command, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of. In order to reach the full potential of one’s ability, as an individual, a player must be not only obedient to a coach’s demand, but must be obedient to one’s self.

Furthermore, a player must be obedient as a team member. This is one of the most important aspects of becoming a champion. It sounds a lot easier than it is, but to progress the most as a team, a player will have to overcome giving themself to a cause that is greater than theirs.

Basically, it becomes being obedient to the PROGRAM! Hopefully the obedience that is learned while in athletics will carry over into adulthood and make great leaders, great husband and wives, and hopefully great moms and dads.

We will leave you with a great thought on being a good parent or coach and instilling obedience. You won’t know if you are a good parent until you see your grandchild act up in front of your son or daughter. Have a great week! GO WARRIORS!