Be aware of your surroundings

Did you know terrorism is something we all need to be aware of and understand?

You read in the Courier last week about our police force preparing and practicing in case of a shooter in any of our schools. We as residents must also be prepared. None of us live in a vacuum and what you see in your neighborhood or while shopping may be very important in helping to solve or prevent a crime.

I encourage all of you if you “see something suspicious, say something.” That usually means just call your local police. We all need to be aware of our surroundings at all time, including any strange vehicles on your street, people looking in windows, cars slowly cruising your street or any unknown object in the yard or street. I am not suggesting we be paranoid, only that we are aware of our surroundings and report anything out of the normal.

Did you know the city has scheduled some “radio specials” at the Kroger Aquatic Center?

The first one on Wednesday, June 10 was sponsored by station 107.7 and admission before noon was $1. I understand 1,700 people enjoyed this special. The second one will be Tuesday, June 16 sponsored by K99.1 FM. Sorry I was not able to get these dates out in time for you to take advantage of them.

However, note these next three and plan to take your family to enjoy our great aquatic pool:

Thursday, June 25 sponsored by 99.9

Monday, June 29 sponsored by Soft 92.9

Tuesday, July 7 sponsored by Hot 102.9

These will all be dollar days if you arrive prior to noon.

Did you know our Huber Heights library has something for everyone?

The more I go there, the more I learn. For instance, their collection of children’s books and special activities is very extensive. If your child likes a particular book and you forget to renew it, there will be no fine for an overdue child’s book. For adults, there is a 10 cent a day for an overdue book, but that is after they have reminded you via email giving you the opportunity to renew. That renewal can be done in person, by phone or on line at And don’t forget their delivery service for the disabled, elderly and those unable to visit the library.

Did you know the Senior Center will have a very interesting guest on Wednesday, June 24?

Claire Esposito, a certified handwriting analyst, will be presenting. I understand her lectures are known for their fun and humor. Now this sounds like something different and interesting! If you are a member of the Senior Center, you are asked to sign up if you plan to come so they know how many chairs to set up. If you are not yet a member and are age 50 or more, you are welcome to come as a guest, then consider joining this very active Senior group.