Graduation speakers were impressive

Did you know the graduating class at Wayne High School this year had 392 students graduate?

I was so impressed with the speeches given by all the presenters. In case you have not heard, there was a total of $5,324,000 in scholarships given to the 2015 graduating class, plus two ROTC scholarships from the U.S. Army. These scholarships ranged from $500-$8,000 each and will go a long way toward future education for the graduates.

Congratulations Wayne High School class of 2015! As you were reminded at your graduation “Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior.” We expect to hear from many of you in the years to come. And thank you Will Allen for coming home to deliver that wonderful address.

Did you know work is in progress to organize a Performing Arts Hall of Fame in Huber Heights?

Members of the committee hope to name performers, educators and others from our city who have contributed to the arts. If you are interested in suggesting a name to be included in this Hall of Fame or if you would like to make a pledge to help fund the project, you can contact Mrs. Lois Schneider at 937-237-8141 or

This group is managed by the Wayne Alumni Band and affiliated with a 501(c-3) not-for-profit organization with non-financial support from the Huber Heights City Schools. The hope is Wayne graduates will support this effort to recognize members of the community who have contributed significantly in the area of the arts, to include music, composers, theater, entertainment, etc. Do call the above number if you have questions.

Did you know DP&L will pick up your old working refrigerator or freezer when you replace them with a newer, more efficient one?

They will send you $50 for each appliance they pick up. This is their Appliance Recycling Program where nearly 100 percent of the old parts will be reused or recycled. You will also save up to $150 in energy costs every year. Sounds like a good deal to me!