Four indicted for cloned credit cards

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Angel F. Rodriguez

Angel F. Rodriguez

Renso A. Jose

Ambar J. Delacruz

Jason Villegas

HUBER HEIGHTS — Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck, Jr. announced Friday that four defendants, Angel F. Rodriguez, 29, of New York, New York, Renso A. Jose, 45, of Rochester, New York, Ambar J. Delacruz, 26, also of Rochester, New York and Jason Villegas, 33, of Gasport, New York, have been indicted on 86 felony counts related to possessing cloned credit cards.

On January 27, Huber Heights Police responded to a complaint at the Bath & Body Works located on Old Troy Pike. During their investigation, the officers discovered 73 cloned credit cards as well as receipts for gift cards and pre‐paid credit cards. Investigators were able to identify 13 of the victims, whose credit cards were cloned.

Cloned credit cards are created when someone obtains your credit card information, such as through the use of a gas pump “skimmer,” and then copies that information onto a blank, counterfeit, credit card.

All four of the co‐defendants were indicted Friday on:

• 73 counts of Forgery

• 13 counts of Identity Fraud

“Thankfully, an attentive and observant employee at a business called the police when the defendants’ actions became suspicious,” Heck said. “It cannot be stressed enough that you should use caution when using your credit cards and always check your monthly statements carefully for unauthorized transactions.”

All of the defendants are in custody, and are being held on a $250,000 bond. They are scheduled to be arraigned on February 9 at 8:30 a.m.

Angel F. Rodriguez F. Rodriguez

Renso A. Jose A. Jose

Ambar J. Delacruz J. Delacruz

Jason Villegas Villegas

Staff Report

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