Howard & Oberkrom are Rotary Scholar Athletes

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Amaya Howard

Amaya Howard

Simon Oberkrom

HUBER HEIGHTS — Amaya Howard and Simon Oberkrom have been named the November Rotary Scholar Athletes of the Month.

Amaya Howard is the daughter of Angela Hogan and O’Neal Howard. As an exceptional student athlete with a 3.60 GPA, she still finds time to be heavily involved in her school. She is a member of Warrior Guides and Senior Cabinet. Howard has been a 4 year Varsity Letter winner for the Wayne girls volleyball program. After high school, Howard, plans to attend a four year college, major in exercise science, and play collegiate volleyball, or track.

Q: Why do you participate in this sport and what do you like about it?

“I participate in this sport because it’s what I love,” Howard said. “ I use it to relieve stress and to just have fun. I like that I can play my heart out while having fun. I like how it brings people together because we are all doing something that we love.”

A: Name of someone you look up to and why?

“I look up to my older sister, Akaila,” Howard added. “ I look up to her because she’s my best friend and I watched her achieve the goal I want to achieve in school. She’s a collegiate volleyball player and did track her freshman year. She was still able to keep her grades up. Seeing her get through this lets me know I can achieve my goal, and I’m happy to have her by my side helping go through this.”

Simon Oberkrom is the son of Ric and Karen Oberkrom. Simon is a tremendous student athlete with a 4.50 GPA. He has participated in the Boys Soccer Program for the past 4 years. Simon is also involved in the band and National Honor Society. He is undecided in what he will study in college. However, he is excited to continue his education at the University of Cincinnati.

Q: Why do you participate in this sport? What do you like about it?

A: “I’ve played soccer ever since I was little because I wanted to be good like my older brother was. I like the competitiveness of soccer and the friendships I’ve made,” Oberkrom said.

Q: Name of someone you look up to and why?

A: “I look up to my Grandpa, Herman Oberkrom, for his life advice and overall wisdom,” Oberkrom added.

Amaya Howard Howard

Simon Oberkrom Oberkrom

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