Warrior-Elk Challenge benefits Lupus Foundation

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<strong>Wayne Coach Michael Fernandez with Taylor Robertson, who suffers from Lupus but still excels as an athlete.</strong>

Wayne Coach Michael Fernandez with Taylor Robertson, who suffers from Lupus but still excels as an athlete.

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HUBER HEIGHTS — The 10th Annual Warrior Elk Challenge was contested on Tuesday, May 2nd at Wayne’s Heidkamp Stadium between Wayne and Centerville Track and Field teams.

Every year at this dual meet the teams chose a charity to support. This year, the teams chose the Lupus Foundation. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. It is believed that 5 million people throughout the world have a form of lupus.

Through fundraising, the teams joined together and raised roughly $1,000 for the Lupus Foundation. For more information on lupus visit: http://www.lupus.org

This year, the Wayne Track and Field team won the challenge by a score of 205-189. For complete results of the meet visit: http://live.finishtiming.com/#/results/meet/20170157

The Wayne boys out-scored Centerville 114-83 while the Lady Elks out-scored the Lady Warriors 106-91.

“Congratulations to both teams on a competitive meet and for working together to raise funds towards a great cause,” said Wayne Coach Michael Fernandez.

In the girls high jump Wayne’s Shaniece Jones took first place, Graysen Simmons second and Kiarra Herring third all at 4-feet, 6-inches. Madison Millhouse placed 5th for Centerville at 4-feet.

Mnok Lohl of Centerville won the boys high jump at 5-feet, 8-inches. Marquise Mascall of Wayne tied Centerville’s Ethan Lansangen for 2nd place at 5-feet, 6-inches.

Wayne’s Graysen Simmons won the girls pole vault at 10-feet, 6-inches while Lady Elk Jessica Barton placed 2nd at 10-feet.

Kristin Liljuson of Wayne won the boys pole vault at 13-feet while the Elks’ Yariel Soto took 2nd at 11-feet.

Lupus sufferer Taylor Robertson of Wayne won the girls long jump with a leap of 15-feet, 4.5-inches. Centerville’s Kjersti Wendlandt placed 5th at 13-feet, 6.5-inches.

Yariel Soto of Centerville won the boys long jump at 19-feet, 2-incches. Wayne’s Marquise Mascall took 2nd at 18-feet, 4.5-inches.

Amaya Howard of Wayne won the girls triple jump at 33-feet, 3-inches and Taylor Robertson took 2nd at the same distance. Emma Lane of Centerville placed 4th at 29-feet, 3.5-inches.

Wayne’s Caleb Butcher won the boys triple jump at 38-feet, 10-inches while the Elks’ Donnie Shelton was 2nd at 38-feet, one-half inch.

Centerville’s Olivia Fenner won the girls discus at 110-feet, 10-inches. Wayne’s Audrie Goffinet was 7th at 76-feet, 10-inches.

Joel Crain of Wayne won the boys discus at 159-feet, 7-inches. Kaleb Cross of Centerville placed 3rd at 135-feet, 10-inches.

Jenna Tracy (Centerville) won the girls hammer throw at 127-feet, 8-inches. Aleecia Grayson-Willis (Wayne) placed 8th at 72-feet, 5-inches.

Jardon Omolo (Wayne) won the boys hammer throw at 163-feet, 2-inches. Kaleb Cross (Centerville) was 5th at 130-feet, 7-inches.

Olivia Fenner (Centerville) won the girls shot put at 37-feetm 3.25 inches while Brooke Starret (Wayne) was 6th at 29-feet, 8.25-inches.

Joel Crain (Wayne) won the boys shot at 53-feet, 8-inches. Centerville’s top thrower was Kaleb Cross at 45-feet.

3200 relay: Centerville 1st place (Lowe, Emmert, Lynch, Millhouse) 10.50.44. Wayne (Cassidy, Creech, Koss, Hoelscher) 3rd 11:00.47.

Boys 3200: Centerville 1st (Burkett, Shipman, Eggert, Downs) 8:38.94. Wayne 2nd (Pollard, Vukovic, Miller, Jones IV) 8”40.29.

Girls 100 hurdles: Wayne 1st (Robertson) 15.93 seconds. Kennedy Coker (Centerville) 2nd 17.32.

Boys 110 hurdles: Wayne 1st (Justin Harris) 15.19. Centerville 3rd (Jordan Bumpus) 16.75.

Girls 100 dash: Wayne 1st (Amani Westry) 13.53. Centerville 4th (Jasmine Broner) 14.03.

Boys 100 dash: Wayne 1st (Zarik Brown) 11.46. Centerville 2nd (Ross Garrett) 12.08.

Girls 800 relay: Wayne 1st (McGowan, Portis, Jones, Westry) 1:53.01. Centerville 2nd 1:55.81.

Boys 800 relay: Wayne 1st (Jackson, Butcher, Collins, Brown) 1:35.64. Centerville 2nd 1:38.14.

Girls 1600 run: Grace Kilroy (Centerville) 1st 5:16.37. Kristen Hoelscher (Wayne) 5th 6:28.77.

Boys 1600 run: Lucas Houk (Wayne) 1st 4:33.18. Jack Welsh (Centerville) 2nd 4:35.19.

Girls 400 meter relay: Wayne 1st (McGowan, Portis, Jones, Westry) 51.90.

Boys 400 meter relay: Wayne 1st (Jackson, Victoria, Fleming, Brown) 45.35.

Girls 400 meter dash: Sydney Khosla (Centerville) 1st 1:03.36.

Boys 400 meter dash: Yariel Soto (Centerville) 1st 52.86.

Girls 300 hurdles: 1st place Kennedy Coker (Centerville) 48.56.

Boys 300 hurdles: 1st place Jalil Pollard (Wayne) 40.84.

Girls 800 Run: 1st Savannah Lowe (Centerville) 2:29.99.

Boys 800 Run: 1st Matt Nerlinger (Centerville) 2:03.38.

Girls 200 Dash: 1st Kennedy Coker (Centerville) 28.55.

Boys 200 Dash: 1st Elijah Hill (Wayne) 23.78.

Girls 3200 Run: 1st Kerri Walsh (Centerville) 11:22.23.

Boys 3200 Run: 1st Adrian Bostwick(Centerville) 10:22.30.

Girls 1600 Relay: 1st Wayne (Prater, Stargel, Crace, Cassidy) 4:20.63.

Boys 1600 Relay: 1st: Wayne (Collins, Pollard, McGhee, Houk) 3:33.70.

Wayne Coach Michael Fernandez with Taylor Robertson, who suffers from Lupus but still excels as an athlete.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/35/2017/05/web1_Fernadez_Robertson.jpgWayne Coach Michael Fernandez with Taylor Robertson, who suffers from Lupus but still excels as an athlete. Contributed photo

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