Caleb Colon —male athlete of the month

Staff report

VANDALIA — Being the lone senior on a young team brings with it some added challenges. But for senior Caleb Colon, a Butler High School cross country runner, they were challenges he says he was prepared to handle.

“Whitey (Coach Andy White) kind of put the pressure on me to be the leader and guide the team to another great season. With the hard work that we as a team put together and Whitey’s great coaching, we were able to do just that,” Colon said.

A great season indeed with Colon and two of his teammates, Long-Fa Lin and Kyle Wertz, being named First Team All GWOC North, White being named the GWOC North Coach of the Year and the team qualifying for Regionals.

But Colon’s six-year competitive running career hasn’t always been easy. He says after a disappointing freshman year he thought about quitting, but decided to keep running. He calls that “the greatest decision” he’s ever made.

Colon credits his coaches and his teammates, past and present, for helping him be the successful runner he is now. While he isn’t sure if he will run competitively at the University of Toledo where he plans to major in physical therapy, he knows the sport will always be a part of his life.

“Like Whitey has told our team many times, ‘once you start running, it becomes a lifestyle.’ I think I will be running for however long my legs are able to carry me,” Colon said.

Staff report