Writer thanks city for Homecoming support

Our city was in chaos and terror that fateful night in September. It was the night we sent our kids to their Homecoming Dance at Wayne High School. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the dance was ruined. Our kids deserved a better memory, so we worked to create one for them.

A team of parents came together, with the help of our amazing community, to throw a fantastic Homecoming Do-Over for our kids.

My husband and I would like to extend our thanks to ALL the Warrior Parents who chipped in to help; volunteering their time, and opening their pocket books for this event. A very special thanks to, Angie Carpenter, Tammy Crace, Brandon and Shannon Dodge, Melissa Kozlowski, Carolyn Roach, Jodi Skrovan, and Faustina Snipes.

The Warrior Parents would also like to give a special thanks to the local businesses who made donations to ensure the success of the event. Your help truly made the dance spectacular. Thank you Wayne Sporting Goods, Submarine House – Josh, Subway – Old Troy Pike, Subway – Brandt Pike, Subway – Meijer, IHOP- Old Troy Pike, Hot Head Burrito- Brandt Pike, Fazolis – Old Troy Pike, Burger King – Old Troy Pike, Wendy’s – Brandt Pike, Dollar Tree – Karen Old Troy Pike, CiCi’s Pizza – Old Troy Pike, Pizza Hut – Old Troy Pike, and Wal-Mart – Brandt Pike

Thank you doesn’t seem quite big enough to describe the gratitude we feel. We love this city, and the way we were able to come together only adds to our affection for this community.

Wishing you ALL a Magical Holiday and a very Happy New Year!


Brian and Missy Bryant

Huber Heights