Dodge urges support for Issue 3

Issue 3, The Montgomery County Human Services Renewal Levy, is a necessity for citizens in every community in Montgomery County. Passage of Issue 3 will help more than 50,000 people in need per year – and will do so without raising taxes. Without this renewal levy, our county will lose more than $50 million annually in needed, local funding that protects our vulnerable children, serves citizens with developmental disabilities, enables seniors in need to stay in their homes, and helps our community stay healthy with things like food inspections and immunizations.

As an elected official, it is my responsibility to look out for the health and safety of local families, which is why I feel so passionate about human services and continue to work hard for the passage of Issue 3. I am asking for your support too. This Human Services Renewal Levy will help our county, communities, and residents keep moving forward in the years to come. Join me in voting FOR Issue 3 on November 7th – or vote early beginning October 11th.

Thank you,

Judy Dodge

Montgomery County Commissioner