Reunion organizers express gratitude

Before any more time goes by, those of us who planned the 40th Anniversary Reunion of Wayne High School’s Class of 1977 would like to publicly thank a few people and businesses that helped make the reunion a reality!

Thanks to the Huber Heights Courier for running our articles and sharing the information with the Huber Heights community. Thanks also go out to WSWO for sharing information about the reunion.

The staff at Rip Rap Roadhouse has always been welcoming to any and all of the class reunions, and our reunion was no different. From initial contact through the evening of the event, we were taken care of. Hats off to everyone at Rip Rap Roadhouse for their support of Wayne High School in general, and for generously allowing us to hold our Friday evening event there.

A very special thank you to Jay Minton, Athletic Director, for his time and knowledge in providing a tour of the new high school, as well as the give away items the recipients are still talking about. Considering there also was a football camp going on during the tour, Mr. Minton’s time and attention to our group was greatly appreciated by the alumni.

And to the owners and staff of The Brick Tap & Tavern (especially our own Dan Ryan), thank you for the graciousness you extended us on very short notice on top of all of your preparations to open. Here’s to great success with your venture, and more opportunities to hang out with Warriors of all generations.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. It was great to be able to get together again and reconnect. We may not look exactly as we did 40 years ago, but once a Warrior, always a Warrior. Yea Wayne!

Joy McLaughlin

Ronda Moredock Roberts

Walt (Chip) Saxe