Writer opposes city water softening

When I read about the proposed changes to the water system last Sunday in the Dayton Daily News, I didn’t think that by Friday I’d be reading in the same paper that City Council would be taking action without input from the citizenry.

I am in favor of the new pumping equipment to give those residents North of I-70 more water pressure and at an increase of 3% per year for two years, it is not cost prohibitive.

However, I am very opposed to citywide water softening for several reasons:

1. Huber Heights water smells and tastes good.

2. It allows for comfortable rinsing.

3. The minerals that make our water “hard”, calcium and magnesium, are not harmful. On the contrary, both are beneficial for heart and bone health. I have bottles of both supplements in my medicine cabinet now. What a plus to get them in our drinking water, too.

In addition, some of the pricier bottled waters say on their labels that they contain minerals to enhance taste. We already have them and you want to take them out! And the cost, 5% more per year for 5 years, is a burden.

If individuals disagree, they can get their own individual water softeners and pay for it themselves. I should not have to!

I have traveled a lot and have experienced softened water that smelled bad, tasted salty or flat, and wouldn’t rinse off in the shower. I don’t want softened water.

I’m sure I am not the only citizen of Huber Heights to feel this way. Don’t act hastily. Consider the other side!

I have lived in Huber Heights a total of 35+ years and have never complained about the water. Anything that settles to the bottom of a pot can be cleaned off with a little white vinegar.

Very truly yours,

Judith A. Radic

Huber Heights