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Susan Gunnell - Superintendent, Huber Heights City Schools

As the costs associated with attending college continue to increase, more and more students are turning to grants and scholarships to help offset these costs. A option available to Wayne High School students and other high school students in the Dayton area is called ScholarshipCONNECT. ScholarshipCONNECT is a scholarship and college readiness resource website provided by The Dayton Foundation to help students get to and through college. ScholarshipCONNECT provides more than 160 scholarship opportunities to area students. In the 2015 – 2016 academic year, approximately 1,200 area students were awarded $1.7 million in scholarship by 170 Dayton Foundation funds. Over the past ten years, The Dayton Foundation has provided nearly $14.5 million in scholarships assisting more than 12,100 Dayton-area students as they pursue their college ambitions.

ScholarshipCONNECT not only provides sources for scholarships, it also helps guide students through the application process, including what materials are needed to apply for scholarships and how to set up a student account. Students will also complete a general scholarship application, learn how to check for scholarship applications that require additional information, and how to manage references and applications.

The ScholarshipCONNECT application process for the 2018-2019 academic year will open on December 18, 2017. The deadline for this year’s applications is March 9, 2018 by 4pm. A link to ScholarshipCONNECT can be found on our website, Click on Schools and a pull down menu will appear. Next, click on Wayne. Once on the Wayne High School homepage, look on the left side of the page and click on the Guidance Department link. Next, look on the right side of the page and click on The Dayton Foundation ScholarshipCONNECT. If you have any questions about ScholarshipCONNECT, please contact your child’s counselor or The Dayton Foundation at or at (937) 225-9955. As always, if you have questions about our schools, please contact me at the Administrative Offices (237-6300) or through e-mail at

Susan Gunnell

Superintendent, Huber Heights City Schools

Reach Supt. Susan Gunnell at 237-6300 or through e-mail at

Reach Supt. Susan Gunnell at 237-6300 or through e-mail at