Sudents need summer learning opportunities

Susan Gunnell - Superintendent, Huber Heights City Schools

Last week, I provided information about educational websites students can use over the summer. Listed below are more free websites that provide educational information and activities that will help your child stay connected with learning through the summer months.

  • – Math Fact Cafe provides math fact sheets and flashcards for parents and teachers. The focus of this site is on the elementary grades, K-5. Here, visitors have access to hundreds of pre-generated math sheets or can customize sheets to meet a child’s specific needs. In addition, interactive flashcards allow students to review flashcard problems with the choice of simple card flipping or mandatory input (student must enter answers and then are checked).
  • – Children ask lots of questions. So, the next time your child wants to know how a tornado forms or why the sky is blue, head over to “How Stuff Works”. The articles break down subjects like autos, culture, entertainment, science, money, technology and more. There are also games, quizzes and videos that can help round out your children’s learning experience.
  • – Merriam-Webster’s Word Central provides activities to increase children’s word power and language skills. Alpha-bot, the word-spelling robot, hosts the latest amazing word game and challenges spellers of all ages.
  • – The name of this website says it all. Learning Games for Kids is all about games that help teach children almost every subject you can think of. Spelling, social studies, science, art, vocabulary, literature and keyboarding games will help engage your child in a learning adventure.
  • – provides free educational computer games and activities for elementary students all created or approved by certified school teachers. Grade level lessons incorporate academic areas such as math and language arts while also introducing basic computer skills. Many of the kindergarten and first grade activities are equipped with sound to enhance understanding.
  • – Storynory has free audio stories that are expressively read by professional actors. The site includes fairy tales, myths and legends, as well as original stories.
  • – This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. It includes games, flash cards, and worksheets.

Learning should not stop over the summer months. I hope you find these websites one way to help review and reinforce the academic skills your child gained during the school year. As always, if you have questions about our schools, please contact me at the Administrative Offices (237-6300) or through e-mail at

Susan Gunnell

Superintendent, Huber Heights City Schools

Reach Supt. Susan Gunnell at 237-6300 or through e-mail at

Reach Supt. Susan Gunnell at 237-6300 or through e-mail at