From the A.D.’s desk: Freedom is not free!

Jay Minton - Wayne HS Athletics Director

With the recent events in Paris, it is never more evident that the freedom that we all enjoy so very much IS NOT FREE. Many men and women have fought hard in battles and many have died for this cause.

I have never understood why there is only one day a year that is called Veterans Day. Every day should be Veterans day. A veteran should get more benefits above the ones that they get now. We stress this to our young student athletes that it is extremely important to honor those that have fought and given their lives so we can enjoy the day to day enjoyment of life without looking over our shoulders or looking up in the air to see if a bomb is going to hit near us.

So, we challenge you to appreciate all veterans and to tell them thank you whenever you get the opportunity. Let’s not just do it no one day of the year, let’s make it anytime the opportunity presents itself. Just remember that many are fleeing their country for their safety, some are separated from their families, most do not get educated and many are struggling for food, clothes and other items that many of us take for granted. Also remember that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and we should never take it for granted even one day of our lives.

We are associated with a program called mCORE. This stands for Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation. This screening is coming to Wayne High School on Monday, Dec. 7. The cost is now only $40. The value of this program is way more than the price that is charged. They still have openings for this date so please go to in order to sign up for a spot. According to the American Heart Association, “In the United States, One Young Competitive Athlete Dies Every Three Days from Unrecognized Cardiovascular Disorder.” Don’t take Life for Granted and Don’t take our FREEDOM for Granted. Hope to see everyone at Welcome Stadium, Saturday night at 7 p.m. LET’S GO WAYNE!

Jay Minton

Wayne HS Athletics Director

To reach Jay Minton, call 937-604-4811 or by email:

To reach Jay Minton, call 937-604-4811 or by email: