From the A.D.’s desk: ‘the truth’

Jay Minton - Wayne HS Athletics Director

We have always been taught to tell the truth, no matter what the case. We have been programed that “the truth will set you free.” Whoever taught you that was 100 percent correct and in athletics, we try and reinforce the truth whenever possible.

However, sometimes the truth can be very damaging and may even hurt someone’s feelings. For example, in athletics, how do you tell a player that someone is a little bit better than them and that their play time will not be as great. This is truly one of the hardest things that I believe a caring coach ever has to do.

A fact of life, people just do not like to hear they are not the better one. So how do you do it? Relate it to life whenever possible. As many of us know, life is full of rejections and competition to be the best that you can be in whatever you do.

We try and challenge our young people to, first understand where they are in their development and second, to devise a plan in order for them to have the opportunity in the competition. The first one is sometimes the hardest due to the fact that people around them are telling them different. Most of the time, these people are speaking from emotions and have no past experience to support their efforts.The second one is the area that we find out just how competitive young people are or are not. Hopefully our efforts help support their foundation for future success in the game of life.

This is one of the best ways to relate athletics to the successes of ones future. The fall season is rapidly coming to an end for many sports and we hope that our student athletes have been able to find out “the truth,” good or bad.

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Jay Minton

Wayne HS Athletics Director

To reach Jay Minton, call 937-604-4811 or by email:

To reach Jay Minton, call 937-604-4811 or by email: