From the A.D.’s desk: pressure

Jay Minton - Wayne HS Athletics Director

Do you have pressures in your life and you don’t have a coping mechanism? Another one of the great benefits of participating in athletics is learning how to deal with pressures. As we get older, there are so many pressures that we have to face in life.

For student athletes, their pressures may be different, but they still have them. Peer pressure is one of the most common pressures that young people deal with in today’s world. It has been proven that athletics (if approached properly) may enhance ones self-esteem, therefore with a higher self-esteem one can deal with peer pressure a lot better. They have the confidence to say “NO” and to make positive decisions when they feel better about themselves. We could go on and on about the amount of pressures that young people have in our society.

Another great way to deal with your pressure is having a great foundation of belief or faith. I was asked the other day, how do I deal with the pressures of being a coach and Athletic Director. Someone actually told me I looked calm. Fooled them, right? Seriously, if you learn to trust what you believe in and it is solid, then to worry about things is only a waste of time or even a distraction.

Athletics taught me to prioritize things in my life that have developed over the years and has allowed me to handle such pressures. You surround yourself with really good people, stay away from those that are negative and destructive and then you can begin to build your own foundation. Proverbs 3, verses 5 and 6 tell it all for me. When you find something that you can really trust and believe, then you too will find that dealing with many “pressures” is a great way of life…Go Warriors!

Jay Minton

Wayne HS Athletics Director

To reach Jay Minton, call 937-604-4811 or by email:

To reach Jay Minton, call 937-604-4811 or by email: