Marigold Festival was fantastic

Jan Vargo - Huber Heights City Council, At Large -

Did you know the last day to register to vote in the November 2015 election is Oct. 5?

You are qualified if you are at least 18 years old on or before Nov. 3, 2015, a resident of Ohio for at least 30 days and register at least 30 days before election. You can register at the library, Wayne High School, Bureau of Motor Vehicles or the post office.

If you did not vote in the last two federal elections, your name may have been purged. If you have moved, you need to make a change of address so you know where your voting location will be. I realize when you are in the middle of a move, changing your voting address is not high on your priority list. However, now is a good time to take care of it.

Did you know the Marigold Festival was fantastic?

The Arts and Beautification Commission did a bang up job planning and making sure all went well….and it did. We have some awesome volunteers on that committee who work hard on all the projects they take on. The entertainment on stage of the amphitheater was the best ever, the kids zone was well run and I loved talking to all the vendors. Thank you to all involved in this Festival and I am sure it will be bigger and better next year!

Did you know Huber Heights library will have a very specialized and unique presentation on Thursday, Sept. 24?

Introduction to television production will be discussed. Anyone interested in this line of work or play will certainly want to attend. It will be at 6:30 p.m. and cover camera operation, direction and all the basics of filming a TV show. This presentation will be for adults and teens and certainly an opportunity to get a look at a professional video camera and how it is used.

Did you know we will soon have a final report on how The Rose Music Center did in it’s inaugural year?

I am anxious as you are, but I just ask that you be patient so that when we do get the report it will be a true picture of how we did and if we are in the black or red. I must report that the feedback and comments I have had from people who attended any of the performances has been very positive.

I do know we attracted patrons from around the Miami Valley and farther who had good experiences and remarks. All plan to return next year if we have another good and varied lineup of entertainment because they love the venue.

We are still working on getting the noise to an acceptable level for the residents, but I will also add, there are some residents who have indicated they love sitting in their back yard and enjoying a free concert! Please feel free to pass along any suggestions you have for improvements next year.

Did you know next week will be my last column until after the election in November?

In order to be fair to any opponent, the Courier has a policy that there be nothing from me until after the election. In case some of you may not know, I am running for re-election to my Council At Large seat.

Jan Vargo

Huber Heights City Council, At Large

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at:

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at: