Regular school attendance matters

By Greg Smart -

Regular school attendance matters. Students not in school have fewer opportunities to learn the material that enables them to succeed in their classes. In the Huber Heights City Schools, we are fortunate to have very talented teachers and staff members committed to student success. However, poor student attendance reduces even the best teacher’s ability to provide children with quality learning opportunities.

Research on student attendance tells us several things: 1) Students that eventually drop out of school are absent more often than other students beginning as early as the first grade; 2) Students with high attendance rates score higher on achievement tests and have been shown to attain higher academic levels than students who do not have regular attendance; and 3) A high attendance rate is an indicator of an effective school.

The Ohio Department of Education recognizes the importance of school attendance by including attendance as one of the indicators on the annual Local Report Card issued for each district and school building. The statewide attendance rate target is 93 percent. The local initiative, Learn to Earn Dayton, also promotes regular school attendance as one strategy to ensure that children in the Dayton region are successful students and ultimately successful in the world of work. All school districts in Montgomery County are part of Learn to Earn Dayton.

Huber Heights City Schools recognizes the need to improve student attendance. Utilizing the district’s strategic plan as a road map and with an increase in state funding, the position of attendance officer was recently reinstated by the Board of Education. This position works with administrators and staff at all levels to monitor and improve student attendance and connects families and students that need assistance with resources available in and around our community.

We know that regular attendance will help students achieve in the classroom and prepare them for a successful life after graduation as productive citizens in our community. If parents have questions about their child’s attendance or their district’s attendance policy, a visit to the district’s website or a quick call to the child’s school/district office should provide answers to most, if not all questions. As a district, the Huber Heights City Schools will continue to focus on improving student attendance as a strategy to increase student academic growth.

By Greg Smart

Reach Greg Smart at 937-236-4990, ext. 2542 or on Twitter

Reach Greg Smart at 937-236-4990, ext. 2542 or on Twitter