From the A.D.’s desk: branding

Jay Minton - Wayne HS Athletics Director

What does the word branding mean and why is it important to athletics? The word “branding” is the hot word that is used in athletics today. The definition of branding is; kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark, or the like. It is usually used to market a particular person or program.

Basically, a brand is what you are or what you are trying to expose. Many use the word branding in order to sell their product. Branding does not only deal with a team branding, but it can also deal with a person or player. Basically, what is a player all about or what is their brand. When trying to use athletics to pay for college, this is so important. The market or competition is so great that a student athlete had better have a great brand in order to get the best offer.

We encourage you to log onto in order to see all of the great things happening in Wayne Athletics. Our boys golf team has some excellent golfers and our girls soccer team is off to a great start. This is just to mention a few. See all of the great pictures and stories that are written about each sport team.

Just always remember that these are STUDENT ATHLETES which means they are students first. Therefore we take great pride in having a 3.2 grade point average for all of our athletes in our athletic programs. We continue to strive to raise that mark even higher.

Lastly, Huber Heights City Schools, the city of Huber Heights, Wayne High School and our Wayne Warrior Football Team look to expose the country to the great things here in the Heights. Our football team will be taking on Moeller this Sunday at Roettger Field at Lockland Stadium. The game time is 4 p.m. and if you cannot get to the game, then it will be nationally televised on ESPNU. What a great opportunity to show the country just what kind of brand we have here…Go Warriors!

Jay Minton

Wayne HS Athletics Director

Reach Jay Minton at 937-604-4811 or by email:

Reach Jay Minton at 937-604-4811 or by email: