Plan to meet with your child’s teacher

Susan Gunnell - Superintendent, Huber Heights City Schools

The home-school connection is very important to the academic success of our students. The third grading period ended on Friday, March 8 and our teachers will soon be scheduling spring parent-teacher conferences. These spring conferences provide another opportunity for parents to learn more about their child’s educational progress.

In our school district, we encourage all of our parents to come into our schools and meet with our teachers. Because of the number of parents that may want conferences, your time with your child’s teacher may be limited. In order for you to get the most out of spring parent-teacher conference, here are a few suggestions that may help you:

1. Utilize Progress Book to review your child’s grades. Look over some of your child’s recent assignments. Take time to write down any questions you might have for the teacher prior to the conference.

2. Talk to your child about school and write down any concerns or questions he/she might have so you can talk about these with the teacher.

3. Ask the teacher how your child has done thus far this year. Are there critical skills that your child still needs to master before the end of the school year?

4. Ask the teacher what your child can work on over the summer months. Your child has worked very hard this year and you don’t want them to lose important skills over the summer.

5. Ask the teacher what you can do at home to help your child feel more successful at school.

Following the conference, parents should sit down with their child and talk about what was discussed and then follow-up with the teacher if necessary.

I know many parents and students are dealing with many responsibilities and calendars that are jam-packed with activities. However, as a parent and an educator, I would like to urge you to schedule a parent – teacher conference with your child’s teacher(s). I know that if you go into our classrooms and meet our teachers, you will be impressed with the knowledge and commitment they have toward helping your child feel successful. Please give our teachers the opportunity to meet with you and work with you by scheduling a spring parent-teacher conference. As always, if you have questions about our schools, please contact me at the Administrative Offices (237-6300) or through e-mail at photo

Susan Gunnell

Superintendent, Huber Heights City Schools

Reach Supt. Susan Gunnell at 237-6300 or through e-mail at

Reach Supt. Susan Gunnell at 237-6300 or through e-mail at