Talent competition was amazing

Jan Vargo - Huber Heights City Council, At Large

Did you know Huber Heights has talent?

You will have the opportunity to see this talent at the Marigold Festival on Sept. 12. I was blown away with the try-outs and just as overwhelmed at the finals last Saturday. I do not know how the scoring was done, I only know that the talent on that stage was unbelievable!

I understand that besides those who placed first, second and third, who will perform at the Marigold Festival, that the others will also have the opportunity to be on stage with the Flashback band who will be performing most of the day. How about that….so this is your notice…..if you want to see some of Huber’s talent, you won’t want to miss them during the Marigold Festival on Sept. 12!

Some of the talent was even better than some I have heard at The Rose this year! Seriously, you need to make it a point to come out and listen to these young men and women so you can say “I heard them back in 2015 when they tried out for Huber Heights first talent show…..and for me it was a FREE show!”

Did you know I will not be able to attend some important activities coming up next week?

The ground breaking of our new fire house 25 will be Aug. 25 and that is the day I leave town for a week.The new playground at Twin Creeks Park will also be dedicated while I am away.I especially am disappointed I will not be here for those two activities because they are both special to me.

I will also miss the Texas Road House “Fill the Bus” on Aug. 25. I am especially sorry to miss the opportunity to dunk the mayor at that event! I think you all know how much I support the schools and will continue to do so. Please do attend these activities if you can and have fun while supporting your community.

Did you know the Wayne football game scheduled for Aug. 28 will start at 6 p.m?

This is another thing I will miss because of being out of town, but it sure would be nice to have LOTS of Warrior fans out there that night for our first home game vs the Canadians. Don’t forget to arrive an hour earlier than usual so you don’t miss the kickoff!

Did you know Wayne High School has a golf team?

You probably did know that but did you know that a member of that team has already scored a hole-in-one? Many golfers play their entire lives and are not able to accomplish that! Congratulations Zach Johnson and may that be just one of many more in the future.


Jan Vargo

Huber Heights City Council, At Large

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at: jvargo@hhoh.org

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at: jvargo@hhoh.org