MVPC holds Public Participation Meeting

Jan Vargo - Huber Heights City Council, At Large

Did you know I attended the Public Participation Meeting held by the Miami Valley Planning Commission last week?

This meeting was to give up-to-date information about the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. I was particularly interested in the Huber Heights projects. Most of the ones scheduled are in the 2021-2025 timeline. However, the next one (scheduled for 2016-2020) is to widen SR 201 from two to four lanes from Montgomery County line to Singer Road. This will include a grass median island, curb, gutter, storm drainage system, and landscaping enhancements.

The first thing that is required by any of these transportation projects is an environmental study to be sure there are no issues there. After that you have land acquisition (if it is a widening project) then bidding and construction. Each phase of the project requires funding so the projects must be watched carefully to be sure each step can be made. Fortunately, MVRPC does a good job keeping projects on track, provided the jurisdiction has the matching funds to proceed.

Our City Engineer also does a great job keeping track of our upcoming projects and making sure the matching funds are in the budget for the year needed. Some folks are not aware of the long range planning that must be done in order to get a project done. This is just a little bit of an idea of the work involved by our employees and why it takes so long from beginning to end.

Did you know Wayne football game with Cincinnati Moeller will be televised on ESPNU on Sept. 6?

The game will be played in Cincinnati but for those of you who cannot attend the game, I’m sure you will enjoy seeing it on TV. According to, Cincinnati Moeller is ranked #1 in the Ohio Div. I rankings while the Wayne Warriors are ranked #2. We will need all you Warrior fans to keep cheering them on so when they go to State again this year, they will have a lot of fanatical fans! GO WAYNE!

Did you know I had the pleasure to help Dick and Mary Wiggenhorn celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary?

Mr. Wiggenhorn, of course, was the long time director of the Wayne Marching band and responsible for much of the music program in our schools. Congratulations again to you two and thank you for all you have given to the community over the years!

Did you know Huber Heights has talent?

Tryouts were held last month and finalists chosen for the next step in the competition. You will have the opportunity to see some of that talent on Saturday, Aug. 22 from 1-4 p.m. at the Eichelberger Amphitheater. That is the day the competition finals will be for the contest held last month. I attended one day of that contest and was very glad I was not a judge because in my opinion, I could not have eliminated any of the contestants…they were that good! Winners on Saturday will perform at the Marigold Festival in September, so come get a preview of some of the talent in our city.

Did you know Walmart celebrated their 25th anniversary of being in Huber Heights last Saturday?

I was there when the small store on Old Troy Pike opened, I was there when the new store opened on Brandt Pike, and pleased to attend their 25th anniversary celebration. They went from the small store to the Super Store we now have that employs several hundred people, many of them Huber Heights residents.

And that reminds me, Aldi has done some remodeling which means they will stay here and hire more employees when they reopen this week. I just heard there are five employment agencies in the Huber Heights Chamber of Commerce. Folks, in order to keep the doors open for that many agencies I have to believe there are jobs that need to be filled. Most will require a background check and drug test, which should not be a problem for many. I am happy to report the good news – that the economy is getting better and businesses are beginning to improve, expand and starting to hire more employees.

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at:

Jan Vargo

Huber Heights City Council, At Large

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at:

Reach Jan Vargo at 236-5385 or email at: