McMasters addresses parking, calls for change of Charter Amendment proposals

By Thomas McMasters - Mayor - City of Huber Heights



Knowing that I wouldn’t be using it much of the time, one of the first suggestions I made after I was elected was to give the City Hall employee of the month the Mayor’s parking spot. That idea stopped when the Clerk of the Council told me that there were plenty of parking spaces and most of the employees preferred to park in the back. But I always thought that spot could be better utilized.

As conveyed in the Huber Heights Courier editorial, I confirmed that I had two options after Mr. Wacker told me he parked in the Mayor’s parking spot because “the Mayor puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.” The option I chose was to team with Mr. Wacker and solve “the Mayor’s got a parking space at city hall when no one else has one” problem that we both agreed existed.

The more important issue of that night still exists. Council is wasting an opportunity to fix the current problem with the Emergency Legislation section of the City Charter. Instead they propose a charter change so that a Resolution is presented for one reading and at that same meeting adopted and goes into effect immediately.

The problem was identified in the July 5 work session. Although the discussion about personalities and mannerisms has wasted a lot of valuable time, the filing deadline isn’t until August 10. It is not too late to fix the problem. But this close to the deadline, in order to fix the problem, we need six members of council willing to vote to make it happen.

As always I welcome the opportunity to again team with Mr. Wacker and the rest of council to move forward in a positive manner on this important issue.


By Thomas McMasters


City of Huber Heights

Reach Mayor Tom McMasters at 937-985-6275 or by email at

Reach Mayor Tom McMasters at 937-985-6275 or by email at