Parking spot dispute speaks volumes

By Darrell Wacker - Managing Editor -

A funny thing happened at the Huber Heights City Council meeting last night. Or at least I thought it was funny. Mayor Thomas McMasters wasn’t so enthused.

What was funny? I parked in the Mayor’s parking spot at the city building. On purpose. I wanted to make a point that the Mayor is no more important than any other citizen in Huber Heights and shouldn’t have privileges that any other citizen doesn’t have.

None of the other jurisdictions I work in give the Mayor a parking space – they park just like everyone else.

Mayor McMasters has troubled me over the past several months because I often see a desire to exercise authority or power in questionable ways. Under the city charter, the Mayor’s office is actually fairly weak, and I think that irks McMasters. This also manifests itself in his constant attempts to draw attention to himself.

My gesture last night was meant as a joke – when the Mayor came in and started asking about who parked there and asking the police chief if it was ticketable, I fessed up, went up to the dais, shook his hand and confessed saying “I was trying to make the point that the Mayor puts his pants on like everyone else.”

He was not amused.

If that had been the end of it, this column wouldn’t have been written.

However, he was still fuming after the meeting, red in the face and saying people should respect authority.

I agree, people should respect authority. Leaders should lead with humility, too.

Hopefully that’s something we can agree on in the coming days. photo

By Darrell Wacker

Managing Editor