Writer concerned about Mayor, City Council

I have been very concerned about the Huber Heights government since I received a postcard from Mayor McMasters during the May 2015 election. This postcard encouraged the voters not to vote for the incumbent councilpersons from several of the wards. This was very inappropriate for the Major to do. I believe this was Mayor McMasters’ way of getting rid of his roadblocks and loading the council with people that would support his initiatives. I was not impressed and used the card to line my cat’s box.

This is not the way to run a city government. The people in the various wards should determine who they will vote for based on what the candidates say they will do for their ward.

When I read the article about Ed Lyons in this week’s Courier, my concerns increased. I know Ed Lyons personally. He has a lot of integrity and would not have made his comments if there were not a lot of evidence to support his concerns. It appears to be more maneuvering to fill the ward seat with someone who will support the Mayor’s initiatives. We really need to find out why Tracy Dudley resigned. Are there issues with the council? Mayor McMasters’ comment that “Ed is the stupidest person I have ever met and a sleaze ball” was not professional or mayor-like and posting the information on Facebook made it worse. If you are the leader, you do not resolve an issue with name call. Where is that military experience that he is so proud of?

I am very disappointed in the current mayor and council. We never had issues like this before McMasters took over. The Mayor and council need to clean up their act and do what is best for the city. I am appalled at the Mayor’s actions thus far. He is the one hurting Huber Heights.


Shirley Ark

Huber Heights