Guess What’s New in Reading?

ENGLEWOOD — Fall is on its way, the summer break has come to an end and kids are back to school. In doing some research I found it is very important that children read with their parents at home. I believe reading at home is invaluable to a child’s academic development. With this in mind, I’ve selected a series of books for young readers to help you get started with your children’s home reading.

Sheryl & Carrie Berk: Meet the mother and daughter pair behind the Cupcake Club. Sheryl Berk is a NY Times bestselling author and her ten year old daughter, Carrie, is a cupcake connoisseur who cooked up the idea of The Cupcake Club Series books while in second grade. The series got started as a two-page story that Carrie, then an eight year old, wrote for fun. She showed it to her mom who in turn showed it to her agent and the series was born. The latest in the series is“Baby Cakes,” with four more to follow. Carrie’s mom says, “She knows exactly what her peers want to read, how they talk, what they talk about and what interests them.” All the books in the series include recipes and tips to try at home. Great books for nine years and up.

Francesca Simon: Meet the laugh-out-loud Horrid Henry Series that has sold over 15 million books in 27 countries and counting. Simon is one of the world’s best loved children’s author and her series is one that boys and girls around the world love to read. Horrid Henry is a beguiling hero who has caught the attention of millions of reluctant readers. Children love this collection of stories and will be secretly thrilled by Henry’s anti-heroic behavior. Did you know Horrid Henry has a website of his own? It has all the books and lots of fun things to see and do. Latest in the series is “Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy,” just right for 7 to 10 year olds.

Taryn Souders: Taryn never started out planning to be an author. She was a middle school math teacher for a couple of years. As a kid she was a voracious reader that gave her a love for words and her school kids gave her a sense of humor. She decided to combine the two and voila, a book was born. Her latest is “How to (Almost) Ruin Your Summer.” Summer camp can make you crazy and for Chloe McCorkle it was a bad idea for three reasons: the spider (way too many legs), King Author (a rampaging goat intent on her destruction) and Victoria a.k.a. The Diva (an evil cabin mate), A worthwhile read with friendship and humor for eight years and up.

Stephanie Bearce: Stephanie is a writer, teacher and science nerd who likes teaching kids how to blow up toothpaste and dissect worms. Her series, “Twisted Tales From Science,” are books kids love. You might want to start with, “Medical Mayhem,” about ground up mummy bones, leeches sucking human blood and breakfast of dried mouse paste. It sounds like a horror movie but those were actual medicines prescribed by early doctors. You’ll also learn that medicines came from poison and doctors who experimented on themselves and their families. It’s a twisted tale, but it’s all true. The same holds true in the newest book in the series, “Insane Inventor,” which covers true tales from science. There are four books in the series for ages nine and up.

All of the books are excellent and written by some of the best-loved children’s authors. Reading at home provides children with the practice they need to become great readers. You might want to check and, two websites with more information on this subject. As Reading Partners stated, “The more kids read the better they read.” Enjoy reading with your children, everyone!

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By Marianne


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