Transformer problem shuts down HHCS pre-school classes for 1.5 days

HUBER HEIGHTS — A transformer problem at the Studebaker building resulted in the shutting down of Huber Heights City School pre-school classes and the YMCA day care program on Tuesday afternoon and all day on Wednesday.

When the administrative staff reported to the Board office Tuesday morning, they discovered that even though most of the lights were working, there were some areas in which the emergency lighting was on. There were also some people whose computers wouldn’t work.

DP&L arrived by 9:30 a.m. and determined that one of the phases in a three-phase transformer was not working which resulted in the spotty outages in the building. Superintendent Susan Gunnell said that DP&L indicated the transformer was an older transformer and needed to be totally replaced and that they had to bore and get cabling installed from 50 yards and that they needed to get started on the work.

Gunnell indicated they could not start the work until the morning pre-school classes were completed and they cancelled the afternoon classes. Central Office had several hours of additional emergency lighting. The treasurer’s office, including computers, was temporarily moved to Wayne High School. Other Central Office administrators and staff worked from Monticello Elementary School.

DP&L completed the work by 2 p.m. on Wednesday and by 3 p.m. administrators confirmed they would be open on Thursday.