Fire runs for July 20-26

HUBER HEIGHTS — The following fire and EMS runs were made by the Huber Heights Fire Division between July 20-26.

July 20

EMS Assist, Sue Eileen

EMS Assist, Nightwind

Fire Alarm (High Hazard), Merily

Fire Alarm, Merily

EMS Assist, Barbara

EMS Assist, Powell

EMS Assist, Brandt

EMS Assist, Brandt

July 21

Gas Leak (Natural), Stonehurst

EMS Assist, Bufort

Fire Alarm, Indian Mound

Fire Alarm, Watergate

EMS Assist, Leibold

EMS Assist, Harshmanville

EMS Assist, Brandt

Mutual Aid, Hollywood Boulevard

Illegal Burn, Harshmanville

Illegal Burn, Mozart

July 22

Mulch Fire/Grass (Small), Fishburg

EMS Assist, Prairie Creek

Fire Alarm, Old Troy

Fire Alarm, Summerset

EMS Assist, Trowbridge

Electrical Hazard (Outside), Troy Manor

EMS Assist, Bufort

July 23

Investigation (Odor), Leyden

EMS Assist, Executive

EMS Assist, Redbank

Auto Accident, Interstate 70

Auto Accident, Interstate 70

July 24

EMS Assist, Biscayne

EMS Assist, Pocono

Fire Alarm, Craigmont

Auto Accident, Nebraska

Auto Accident, Loblolly Dr. at Trowbridge

July 25

Mutual Aid, Rip Rap

Mutual Aid, Wagner Ford

Arching Electrical Equipment (Inside), Fernbank

Structure Fire, Shull

Mutual Aid Union, Bath Twp

July 26

EMS Assist, Marose

EMS Assist, Troy Villa

Auto Accident, Bellefontaine Rd. at Chambersburg

EMS Assist, Bufort

Illegal Burn, Kitridge

Auto Accident, Taylorsville

Reach the Huber Heights Fire Division at 233-1564.

Reach the Huber Heights Fire Division at 233-1564.