Suez revises hydrant flushing schedule

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HUBER HEIGHTS – The Huber Heights Division of Water and Wastewater operated by SUEZ Water Environmental Services began flushing all fire hydrants on Monday, August 7. The flushing of fire hydrants is part of a routine and necessary maintenance program. Flushing generally occurs over and 8 week period. Many areas have already been completed. This is a tentative revised schedule for the areas left to be flushed. Weather or other emergency related issues could again delay this schedule. If you don’t see your area listed below we have already completed flushing in that area. If you live close to one of these areas then it is possible that you could still experience some discolored water.

09/18-09/22 All streets South of Chambersburg Rd to Fishburg Rd

09/25-09/29 All streets South of Fishburg Rd to the Southern City Limits

10/02-10/06 Huber East Water District (formerly known as Valley Water Works)

During the flushing process, it is not uncommon for a yellow, brown or reddish tint to appear in the water. Harmless mineral deposits settle in the water mains, and flushing the fire hydrant stirs the deposits sometimes causing discoloration. Flushing removes the sediments from the mains. It also allows an inspection of each hydrant to verify proper operation of the hydrants used for firefighting purposes.

Fire hydrant flushing may cause temporary inconveniences such as a reduction in water pressure and aesthetic issues such as discoloration of the drinking water. Discolored water is generally not a threat to the public’s health, but it will stain laundry and if consumed may have an unpleasant taste. If water appears discolored, run a cold-water faucet until the water runs clear. This generally takes less than 5 minutes. If the water still does not run clear, call the Water Department at 233-3292.

During flushing in your area, customers are advised to check their water for signs of discoloration prior to doing laundry. If laundry is done and it appears stained, keep the articles wet and rewash them using a rust-removing compound. Do not use bleach on stained laundry, as bleach will “set” the stain. Huber Heights Water Department on Chambersburg Rd. has a limited supply of the iron-removing compound. It also can be purchased at most hardware stores.


Staff report