Huber Heights to participate in Regional Radio Council

By Greg Smart -

HUBER HEIGHTS —Monday night, the Huber Heights City Council authorized entering into a land lease agreement for the installation of a Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) system radio tower installation at 7014 Brandt Pike. The motion to waive passed 6-1 with Council member Tyler Starline voting no while the vote to adopt was 7-0.

City Manager Rob Schommer said this is a situation where it’s not necessarily the city’s time line, but a multi-jurisdictional, regional project. He said there is a tower at this site that was from a previous radio system, but there was no charge for the use of the land. He said the state wants to move forward with the building of a tower and that the city has learned that the state through its MARCS system pays land-lease for sites that have towers. The lease would be for $17,000 per year. MARCS may renew this lease for 12 two-year terms.

Council also voted for the city to become a member of the Montgomery County Regional Radio Council (COG). This Council of Governments would give all the users of the P25 public safety communications system utilized in Montgomery County a voice in the policies and management of the system. The daily management of the P25 digital radio system will be handled by the Montgomery County Sheriff. It is anticipated that the P25 digital radio system will be managed by Montgomery County and the Radio COG for the next seven years, at which point the State of Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communications System will take over that responsibility.

Each member will have one vote in the Radio COG, regardless of the size of the member’s organization and will appoint one delegate and one alternate.

The vote to waive this ordinance was approved 6-1 with Starline voting no and the adoption was approved 7-0.

Council authorized the order and purchase of the Power 911 system and approved the budget the purchase at a cost not to exceed $130,000. Council waived the third reading on this item. The current Power 911 system has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by AT&T and must be replaced to maintain operations and compatibility with other equipment, components and consoles. This is part of the overall upgrade to the entire Communications 911 systems.

In other business, Council:

-Awarded the contract to repair the Police Division’s fire protection sprinkler system at a cost not to exceed $45,000 to S.A. Comunale, which submitted the only bid.

-Appointed Vincent King to the Parks and Recreation Board for a term ending March 31, 2017.

-Entered an agreement to upgrade existing Time Warner Cable internet service from coax to fiber. Information Technology Manager Branden Payton said this upgrade would speed up the system and make it more reliable.

-Authorized accepting bids for the construction of the 2015 Water Main Replacement Program as the water lines on Nebraska Avenue and Neptune Lane are in need of replacement. The Water Fund will be utilized to construct this project with a not to exceed amount of $600,000. City Engineer Russ Bergman said the design of this project is already completed. He said they would not start the project now if the contractor cannot complete the work before winter.

-Authorized accepting bids for the construction of the Sewer Lines Rehabilitation Project. The sewer lines that flow into the Old Troy Pike lift station have been experiencing heavy ground water infiltration. Lining the sanitary sewer will be performed as a corrective action to eliminate this problem, improve the flow capacity, increase the strength of the pipes, and reduce sewage treatment costs. Tri-City I & I Funds will be utilized to construct this project at a cost not to exceed $300,000.

Council heard the first reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 509 of the Huber Heights codified ordinance related to “Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbances to clarify the language. The proposed language says “No person shall operate any sound amplification device in a public place within the City to include, but not be limited to, residential zoning districts so as to cause a noise level in excess of eighty dB(A).” Mayor Tom McMasters suggested the city might have a demonstration at the next Council meeting to demonstrate what 80 decibels sounds like.

During citizen comments, Glenn Otto said that Friday night, he visited the Splash Pad at Cloud Park with his grandchildren who enjoyed it. However, he said he noticed that a majority of the features were either clogged or inoperative and asked the city to put that maintenance on their radar.

He talked about the Every Warriors Plays 5K event on Saturday morning to raise money for student athletes expenses for fees at Wayne High School. He said more people participated this year than last year and called it a great event. He thanked Mayor Thomas McMasters for running in the event. He also presented Council member Judy Blankenship with an award for placing first place in her age group.

Otto also talked about the Rib Fest. He said the lines were long on Saturday and noted that the vendors ran out of food about two hours before the end of that day, which he said was a good thing for a first year event.

By Greg Smart

Greg Smart may be reached at 937-236-4990, ext. 2542 or on Twitter

Greg Smart may be reached at 937-236-4990, ext. 2542 or on Twitter