Huber Heights Charter Amendments pass by wide margin with two exceptions

By Darrell Wacker -

HUBER HEIGHTS – Huber Heights voters overwhelmingly approved the city’s proposed charger amendments on Tuesday with a pair of exceptions – the one removing the residency requirement for the City Manager and another removing resolutions as being subject to petition referendum.

The residency measure was defeated by a nearly 3-2 advantage despite rulings by the Ohio Supreme Court saying a residency requirement is unconstitutional. Changes to the city’s referendum provisions were defeated by a nearly identical margin.

Unofficial final results of each Charter Amendment proposal, according to the Montgomery County Board of Elections, are as follows:

Section 5.11 Publication

This amendment would require each ordinance and resolution adopted by the Council shall be published by posting the full text of the ordinance or resolution for a period of not less than ten (10) days after its adoption on the City’s website and in not less than three (3) public places within the City.

Yes 1,690 83.01%

No 346 16.99%

Section 5.12 Mayor’s Veto

This amendment changes the requirement of the Mayor to return a vetoed resolution or ordinance with a written explanation of objections at the next regular Council meeting as opposed to being within 10 days. It also requires Council to reconsider the vetoed legislation no later than at the next regular Council meeting after the Mayor submits the written objections.

Yes 1,583 77.83%

No 451 22.17%

Section 6.01. Appointment; Qualifications; Compensation

The amendment removes the requirement for the City Manager to reside within the City after appointment.

Yes 819 40.01%

No 1,228 59.99%

Section 7.07. Department of Public Safety

This amendment removes the duty to enforce the laws and ordinances relating to weights and measures, which is typically the role of the County Auditor.

Yes 1,012 50.45%

No 994 49.55%

Section 8.05. Schools

This amendment adds provisions for Bethel School District or any other local school district serving residents of the City.

Yes 1,271 63.39%

No 734 36.61%

Section 9.07. Removal of Board or Commission Member

This is a new section of the Charter that allows by an affirmative vote of six (6) members of Council at a regular meeting, Council may remove any member of a board or commission for lack of qualifications, incompetency, misconduct, or neglect of duty. The reasons for removal shall be stated in writing and said member shall be given an opportunity to be heard at a regular meeting of Council. Action of the Council shall be final.

Yes 1,433 70.35%

No 604 29.65%

Section 12.01, 12.03, 12.04, 12.05, 12.06

Petitions and Referendum Petitions

This amendment removes references to resolutions to the city’s referendum procedures.

Yes 761 40.78%

No 1,105 59.22%

Section 13.08. Removal of Official

This amendment removes references to members of Boards and Commissions in consideration of newly added Section 9.07 above. It also adds a section for “violation of any expressed provision of the Charter” as grounds for removal of Official by two-thirds vote by other members of Council.

Yes 1,397 69.06%

No 626 30.94%

By Darrell Wacker

Reach Darrell Wacker at 937-684-8983 or @HH_Courier on Twitter.

Reach Darrell Wacker at 937-684-8983 or @HH_Courier on Twitter.