Huber Heights officials urge residents to enroll in CodeRed emergency notification system as severe weather season looms

By Darrell Wacker -



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HUBER HEIGHTS — Friday night’s storms that lashed the area should be a reminder that severe weather season is right around the corner and on Monday, Huber Heights Fire officials were urging residents to enroll in the city’s emergency notification system called CodeRed.

CodeRed is a tool that can be used by the city for emergency notifications of any type including boil alerts, missing persons, traffic hazards, or weather emergencies. The system is free and can support notifications by a land telephone line, email, cell phone, or text messages.

Residents can find a link to register for CodeRed at Those needing assistance with registering are urged to contact the Division of Fire at 233-1564. Those without internet service are welcome to register at City Hall.

“CodeRed is based on your geographical location (registering address), so any alerts or weather warnings that you receive will be based on your address, not the entire region,” said Battalion Chief Keith Knisley. “The Huber Heights Police and Fire Division will utilize this system when warnings need to be sent out for a hazardous conditions or a missing person.”

Knisley said that while the weather service often issues a warning for the entire county, only a small portion of the county is actually affected.

“CodeRED Weather Warnings are based on a polygon on the map for the area where the storm will actually travel, this reduces the warnings to only those areas that actually are in the path of the storm,” he said.

For more information on CodeRed visit

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By Darrell Wacker