Our History: Wayne Township Police Department

By Pat Stephens - Wayne Township - Huber Heights - Historical Society

Editor’s Note: This is another installment of a series of columns by Historian Pat Stephens called Our History.

HUBER HEIGHTS — The Wayne Township Police Department was considered a proficient and effective team of law enforcement specialists who demonstrated how to successfully enforce the laws of the Township. Their scope of involvement ranged from community service programs, such as “Officer Friendly,” to arrest and conviction of a major drug trafficker. This arrest resulted in the confiscation of a quantity illegal material with a street value of approximately $74 million in pre-1979 dollars. This was the largest confiscation in the history of Ohio at that time and ranked as one of the major drug arrests in the history of the United States. The commitment, dedication, and outstanding investigative work on the part of the Wayne Township Police Department personnel showed their determination to prevent the dangerous drugs from reaching virtually every corner of the Midwest.

The Police Officers were equipped with the finest gear available at that time to allow them to work in a way that minimized the risks to them, while making sure the officer could cope with the needs of citizens, no matter what the need. Wayne Township, was the first Ohio Township to have a trained canine, as a partner to the Police Officer. In 1979, the Department, had two canines, skilled in tracking, searching, crowd control, holding a subject and detecting drugs and narcotics. The officers received extensive training of the canines and reached a level of expertise, that a neighboring sheriff’s department, requested the Wayne Officers provide training of that department’s newly formed canine program.

Juvenile offenders were referred to a sociologist, provided by the Department to assist the offenders. A Guidance and counselling facility, in a residential setting, was used for this purpose and was recognized by the entire community.

The Department averaged 38.5 calls per day, additionally, 419 calls were recorded by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in 1978, bringing the total calls, for service by citizens to 14,415. This indicates the Police Department, handled 97%, of the total calls for police service in 1978. With the average response time for emergency service, was three minutes, all other calls were six minutes.

As in the earlier article, this information, was presented to Montgomery County, along with letters of recognition to the Police Department and a complete inventory.

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By Pat Stephens

Wayne Township

Huber Heights

Historical Society

Reach Pat Stephens at wthhhs@huberhistory.org.

Reach Pat Stephens at wthhhs@huberhistory.org.