Our History: Wayne Township Fire Department

By Pat Stephens - Wayne Township - Huber Heights - Historical Society

Editor’s Note: This is another installment of a series of columns by Historian Pat Stephens called Our History.

HUBER HEIGHTS — As Wayne Township changed from a rural setting in the early 1950’s to the suburbs, in 1979, the funds to support basic operations of the government also increased. In 1979, the Township owned buildings that were insured for a value of $586,772. Those buildings sat on approximately 10 acres valued at $150,000. The 1979 budget included purchasing of land totaling $38,000 and a building program estimated at $115,000. Equipment and vehicles, owned by the Township, were valued about $700,000. The budget in 1979 included major equipment purchases totaling $240,000. When presenting this information to Montgomery County, the committee also submitted a complete 1978 inventory of each major department in the Township (Police, Fire, Roads and Zoning). The complete assets and holdings at the end of the budget year was estimated at $1,830,000.

To show a comparison, from 1958 to 1979, the revenue of the Township in 1958 was $51,439, in 1979 was $1,741,644. You can see, the significant growth within a 20-year span.

A complete accounting of revenues from the Township was submitted, along with inventory of each department. The inventories included everything from fire trucks to the last paper clip.

The next part of the presentation included the Township Governmental Services.

The Township Fire Department, between 1958 to 1979, emerged as one of the most efficient and competent departments around Montgomery County. The full time and volunteer members brought highly skilled, and qualified professionals that were second to none. All the full time personnel had to meet stringent requirements, qualifying as certified paramedics and firefighters. Having two stations in the community, the department could respond to any fire, or emergency medical service needed, in under 3.5 minutes, 24-hours, seven days a week. The volunteer personnel complemented the department’s activities effectively and positively. Volunteers committed to specific schedules of standby duty, at assigned stations, allowing additional manpower readily available to respond. Volunteers were required to meet the same qualifications and extensive training as the fulltime personnel.

The commitment and dedication required to meet the standards of a volunteer Fire Department member, in Wayne Township was characteristic of the community pride, found among the citizens. On many occasions, members of the community sent letters of thanks to the department for their rescue of a life, and prompt response to fires, accidents and other calls.

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By Pat Stephens

Wayne Township

Huber Heights

Historical Society

Reach Pat Stephens at wthhhs@huberhistory.org.

Reach Pat Stephens at wthhhs@huberhistory.org.