PAC outlines reasons for initiating McMasters recall

HUBER HEIGHTS — A political action committee (PAC) wants better leadership in Huber Heights, and they have begun a recall petition of Huber Heights Mayor Tom McMasters.

That comes from a letter five residents sent to the Clerk of Council, Anthony Rodgers.

On Sunday, the PAC called Huber Residents for Sound Leadership sent a letter to the Huber Heights Courier explaining its reasons for initiating the recall.

“Tom McMasters is more interested in creating or fanning the flames of drama for his own political gain, than issues facing the City,” the letter reads. “The citizens of Huber Heights are exhausted that our community is constantly making headlines resulting from McMasters’ personal agenda, political ambitions, and constant run for Congress.”

The letter goes on to accuse McMasters of “unprofessional conduct” at city council meetings and “disregard for the rules of council.”

McMasters responded to the recall petition with dismay.

“They don’t have anything, and its a shame their complaints will just fueil animosity and embarrass the city,” he said.

The PAC sent a letter to Clerk of Council Anthony Rodgers last week initiating the recall process and saying they would be circulating petitions for submission to the Montgomery County Board of Election.

The letter is signed by Mari Caperton, Sheeler Goley, Jennifer Corbett, Kimberly Kozlowski, and Daniel White.

McMasters has been a controversial figure since he was elected in 2013.

In 2014, he was censured by the city council by a 7-1 vote for refusing to retract erroneous information he distributed that accused the council of redirecting money away from Bethel Schools.

Also in 2014 city staff and then Vice Mayor Tracy Dudley accused McMasters of “offensive and unprofessional conduct” during a public meeting.

Again in 2014, McMasters attempted to add a memorandum expressing his disapproval of the contract for City Manager Rob Schommer – a contract that was approved by a 7-1 vote. At the time, the city attorney said McMasters was not authorized to add the memo nor was it within the Mayor’s powers to add it.

McMasters has also refused to sign legislation approved by city council

He also had the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) file a complaint in 2015 when he refused to sign travel authorizations for three women to attend a conference in Washington, D.C.

The NAACP also spoke earlier this year when McMasters passed over Eva Newby, who is black, for the Ward 5 City Council vacancy and appointed Nancy Byrge instead.

At the March 14 council meeting, Derrick Forward, President of the Dayton Unit of the NAACP, criticized the decision.

“During our lengthy conversation, I urged the Mayor to do what he said he was going to do,” said Forward. “What would have been just and fair in this case, in his (McMasters’) own words, would have been to appoint Ms. Newby. That came from his mouth – that was his intention.”

The Huber Heights Courier will continue to update this story as it develops.

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By Darrell Wacker


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