3-D printer available at Huber Heights Branch Library

HUBER HEIGHTS — beginning July 13, five Branches of the Dayton Metro Library will have 3-D printers available for public use. Patrons can bring their own .STL files on USB flash drives to the Ft. McKinley, Huber Heights, Miamisburg, Vandalia and Wilmington-Stroop Branch Libraries. Staff will add the files to the 3-D print queue.

“Earlier this year, a 3-D printer on loan from the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Libraries Consortium toured our Branch Libraries and there was clearly a great deal of public interest,” said Barb Kuhns, Assistant Director for Technology Services at the Library. “3-D printing, which only recently seemed inconceivable, is becoming more and more mainstream as medical, industrial and other practical uses for it increase.”

Printing costs 10 cents per gram of material used. Library patrons will be required to fill out a 3-D Print Request Form with their print specs, contact information and payment agreement.

Some guidelines are in place. Objects must be smaller than 10 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches and take no longer than six hours to print. Patrons will be notified when their object is finished, and must pick up the completed item within seven days.