Newsock named Wayne principal

Rick Newsock

HUBER HEIGHTS — Rick Newsock was approved as the new principal at Wayne High School during a special meeting of the Huber Heights City School Board of Education on Thursday. He was given a two-year contract, beginning Aug. 1, 2015.

Newsock has been the principal at Greenon High School since 2011 and this past year served as principal of Greenon Junior/Senior High School. He was an assistant principal at Xenia High School for four years. Before entering administration, Newsock was a high school teacher for 22 years. He also coached football as a head coach at three schools before finishing as an assistant coach at Valley View High School the final eight years that he taught. He also coached other sports.

“I had some pretty good experiences in those 22 years of coaching and teaching,” said Newsock. “I had great experiences and just loved every minute of it and it just came a time for me to move into administration at that point in my career.”

Newsock said that his teaching and coaching experience will help him at Wayne because it taught him a lot about dealing with people, dealing with problems and coming up with solutions, making decisions, organizing different factions of groups and building teams. This includes building a team atmosphere as well as a team community and working with families from all spectrums.

“Those are some of the skills I bring to this position that I have that built my character and shaped my values is working with those types of folks,” said Newsock.

He said this is a “great opportunity” for him and his family to be a part of the city of Huber Heights, Huber Heights City Schools and Wayne High School.

‘It’s just one of those opportunities that you just are blessed to be part of, to be quite honest,” he said. “I just feel so lucky and fortunate to have an opportunity to be part of a team that serves the kids so well. I really don’t have the exact words to put into place to express my enthusiasm and excitement to be part of it, so I’m just looking forward to working with everybody here.”

Newsock said his first year strategy is to try to learn as much as he possibly can about the staff and students and how the daily operations run at Wayne.

“One thing I don’t do is I am not going to come in and make a whole bunch of changes right away,” said Newsock. “I’ve got to learn how the climate of the building is, how people operate and get to know the staff as much as I possibly can on a professional level and build those relationships with the staff and with the students and with the families of those students at the high school. That’s what I’m going to focus my energy on this first year so they get to know me a little bit and I get to learn about them a little bit.”

Newsock said he enjoys the daily interaction with people and being able to help and support everyone. He said he talks to kids and staff about the importance of goal setting.

“I just really enjoy working with the kids,” he said. “I enjoy working with staff and I enjoy working with the parents. The thing about being a principal that I enjoyed more than ever I did in coaching is I can have a greater impact on all the students at the high school by being the principal of the building…I enjoy that responsibility to help everybody try to become successful in life—that’s what I enjoy the most.”

Newsock attending Baldwin-Wallace College and received a degree in health and physical education as well as general science. He played football at Baldwin-Wallace as a defensive back and was a first team Ohio Athletic Conference player and first team all-American. He got his master’s degree and principal license from the University of Dayton. He and his wife, Tammy, both grew up in West Alexandria.