United Water is becoming SUEZ

Staff report

HUBER HEIGHTS — United Water is becoming SUEZ. This change is part of the global initiative to unify a complex, multi-brand structure into one recognizable name. With this brand change, SUEZ seeks to help prepare for the global resource revolution and lead the way in building a more sustainable future for every community they serve or manage.

The new brand is designed to provide the company’s local operations with even greater access to an extensive global network of innovators in water, wastewater, waste recovery and recycling.

It is important to know this is a change in name only and SUEZ will maintain the same superior local service customers have come to expect. No costs in the program will be passed on to the local project. There is no change in leadership or ownership, simply a joining of all of our global companies under one name: SUEZ.

SUEZ looks forward to continuing their relationship with Huber Heights and the local customers.

“This is an ongoing process,” said Pam Whited, Project Manager for the Huber Heights Project. “Employees will begin to wear uniforms, hardhats and identification badges with the SUEZ name in the very near future. Vehicle decals and other logo items are expected to change to the new brand in early 2016.


Staff report