Fire runs for June 8-14

HUBER HEIGHTS — The following fire and EMS runs were made by the Huber Heights Fire Division between June 8-14.

June 8

Fire Alarm, Old Troy

Fire Alarm, Old Troy

Carbon Monoxide (No Illness), Merily

EMS Assist, Executive

Auto Accident, Interstate 70

EMS Assist, Pine Point

Investigation (Odor), Harshmanville

EMS Assist, Storck

June 9

Spill (Small), Greydale

EMS Assist, Storck

Mutual Aid, Needmore

Auto Accident, State Route 235 at Chambersburg

Auto Accident, San Fernando Rd. at Taylorsville

Auto Accident, Brandt Pike at Cloud Park

Carbon Monoxide (No Illness), Hubbard

Fire Alarm, Old Troy

Arching Electrical Equipment (Inside), Old Troy

Mutual Aid, National

Carbon Monoxide With Illness, Mark

June 10

Carbon Monoxide With Illness, Kitridge

EMS Assist, Charlesgate

Electrical Hazard (Outside), New Carlisle

EMS Assist, Willow Creek

EMS Assist, Rip Rap

Service Call, Harshmanville

June 11

Fire Alarm, Summerset

EMS Assist, Rolling Glen

Fire Alarm (High Hazard), Timbercrest

Auto Accident, Chambersburg

June 12

EMS Assist, Leawood

Vehicle Fire (Semi), Rt. 4 at Huffman Dam

EMS Assist, Brandt

EMS Assist, Old Troy

Fire Alarm, Center Point 70

Auto Accident, Old Troy

EMS Assist, Huntsview

June 13

EMS Assist, Waynedale

EMS Assist, Charlesgate

Fire Alarm (High Hazard), Shull

EMS Assist, Powell

Auto Accident, Brandt Pike at Cloud Park

EMS Assist, Shore

Auto Accident, Old Troy Pike at Chambersburg

Electrical Hazard (Outside), Rio Vista

June 14

EMS Assist, Mauford

Illegal Burn, Bassett

Auto Accident, Shull Rd. at Brandt

EMS Assist, Kirkview

EMS Assist, Greenfield