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Bob Dadey

Bob Dadey

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VANDALIA — The November staff member of the month for the Vandalia-Butler City Schools is Bob Dadey. He came to the district in 1995 where he started at Morton Middle School. He moved to Butler High School in 2002 where he teaches Social Studies.

Dadey is an Army veteran and a graduate of Wayne High School where he played baseball and football. He is also a graduate of Wright State University.

November Staff Member of the Month: Bob Dadey, Social Studies at BHS

Nominated by: Butler High School Principal Chad Hill

“Bob Dadey is an integral member and leader in the yearly Memorial Program held at Butler High School. Mr. Dadey recognized the Class of 2017 was the only class not to have gone to Washington, D.C. as eighth graders. He worked with the district and travel agency to schedule a Washington, D.C. trip for the Class of 2017 in November. It is his passion and vision that allows him to meet the needs of students at BHS.”

Why did you become a teacher?

My original goal in life was to become a dentist. When I joined the Army, I had the military occupational specialty (MOS) of dental specialist. After working on people’s teeth for nearly four years, I decided against dentistry. I knew I still wanted to work with people, so I chose teaching and it definitely was the right decision for me.

Did you have a teacher who made an impact on you?

In my early school years, I had a sixth grade teacher named Mr. Robert Frum. He was a stern yet passionate teacher. I always admired his professionalism. Since becoming a teacher, there have been several teachers who have helped mold me into the teacher I am today. The two who really stand out are Mr. Lonnie Hathaway and Mr. Lenny Maenza, both of whom are retired VBCSD teachers. They showed me how to express my love for American history in such a way students may become passionate about it as well.

How would you describe your teaching philosophy?

I describe my teaching philosophy as a fusion of knowledge and humor. I believe you truly have to get the students engaged in your class and why not mix in some humor? I think everyone likes to smile or laugh. If I can get a student to learn and smile, then I feel like my day was a good day!

What do you hope your students take from your classroom?

My hope is they take a passion for American history. I also hope they take the ability to think deeper and learn to question. I want my students to investigate and learn on their own.

What hobbies, activities do you like to do when you’re away from school?

Most of my activities outside of the school day involve my family. My wife, Emily, and I have two sons, Rylan and Isaac – ages 8 and 6, who are active in a variety of sports and clubs. We spend quite a bit of time at baseball, football, basketball, swimming and Cub Scouts. We also enjoy traveling as much as possible. I am also still involved in coaching high school softball. I will begin my 22nd year of coaching softball next spring. As for a hobby, I am a model railroader. I have worked on my train layout for a number of years but it never seems to get finished.

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?

If I won the lottery, I would imagine the first thing I would do is go out and celebrate with family and friends. After that, I will begin laying out my plans for a new home, booking a vacation, buying some sort of classic convertible, and maybe buy a food truck so my wife and I could cook for others.

Bob Dadey
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