Huber Heights Fire Division Fire and EMS runs for Oct. 12-18

HUBER HEIGHTS — The following fire and EMS runs were made by the Huber Heights Fire Division between Oct. 12-18.

Oct. 12

EMS Assist, Nebraska

EMS Assist, Damascus

Fire Alarm, Waynetowne

Investigation (Odor), Belmont

EMS Assist, Taylorsville

Electrical Hazard (Outside), Harshmanville

Fire Alarm, Chambersburg

EMS Assist, Charlesgate

EMS Assist, Powell

Oct. 13

Structure Fire, Valencia

EMS Assist, Rustic Woods

Structure Fire, Rousseau

Appliance Fire, Mandrake

Electrical Hazard (Outside), Craftmore

EMS Assist, Storck

Oct. 14

EMS Assist, Tiger

Structure Fire, Chambersburg

Vehicle Fire, Mount Carmel

Mutual Aid, Ontario

Oct. 15

Carbon Monoxide With Illness, Fishburg

EMS Assist, Longford

EMS Assist, Cruxten

EMS Assist, Old Troy

EMS Assist, Cruxten

Oct. 16

EMS Assist, Ansbury

EMS Assist, Pepper

Service Call, Old Troy

EMS Assist, Woodman

Fire Alarm, Mardi Gras

Oct. 17

Investigation (Odor), Dayflower

Service Call, Charity

Fire Alarm Center, Point 70

Fire Alarm, Shull

Oct. 18

Service Call, North Swan Lake

Fire Alarm, Expansion

Structure Fire Center, Point 70

EMS Assist, Glo

Mutual Aid, North Brownschool

EMS Assist, Shull

Structure Fire, Shepherdess

Investigation (Odor), Powell

EMS Assist, Mount Snow

Carbon Monoxide With Illness, Pitcairn

To contact the Huber Heights Fire Division, call 233-1564.

To contact the Huber Heights Fire Division, call 233-1564.