Trotwood woman guilty of Girl Scout cookie money theft

Heights woman steals over $2,000 in Girl Scout cookies

Staff report

DAYTON — Prosecutor Mat Heck, Jr. announced today that 38‐year‐old Kelly J. Phillips, of Trotwood, has been found guilty of stealing over $1,000 from the sale of Girl Scout cookies.

In March 2014, the defendant, who has a daughter in the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, ordered $2,400 in Girl Scout cookies. The defendant signed for the cookies, acknowledging that she understood that she either had to pay for the cookies, or return any unsold cookies to the organization. The defendant paid $1,311 to the organization, but failed to pay the rest of the money owed.

On May 22, 2015 the defendant was indicted by the Montgomery County Grand Jury on one count of theft of over $1,000, a fifth‐degree felony.

After a jury trial on Oct. 19, 2015, the defendant was found guilty as charged. She will be sentenced on Nov. 17 before Judge Gregory Singer.

This case is the first of four currently pending cases involving felony theft of Girl Scout cookie money.

In 2015‐CR‐2014, Jennifer Schwarman, 32, of Dayton stole over $1,200 in Girl Scout cookie money to purchase a car. The defendant has admitted her guilt, paid full restitution to the Girl Scouts, and has been accepted into the prosecutor’s Pre‐trial Diversion Program.

In 2015‐CR‐2429, Tammy James, 40, of Huber Heights, stole over $2,000 in Girl Scout cookies, and failed to pay for them. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

In 2015‐CR‐2672, Melissa Fikes‐Allen, 33, of Centerville, is accused of getting $1,325 in Girl Scout cookies and failing to pay for them or return them to the Girl Scouts. Her case will be presented to the Grand Jury for indictment.

Prosecutor Heck added, “The Girl Scouts is an outstanding organization and their annual cookie sale is their largest fundraiser. Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies, and for these women to deprive the Girl Scouts of their money is disgusting. It sets a poor example for their daughters when they work hard selling cookies and their mothers simply steal the money.”

Heights woman steals over $2,000 in Girl Scout cookies

Staff report