Huber Heights Fire Division Fire and EMS runs for Sept. 28 to Oct. 4

HUBER HEIGHTS — The following fire and EMS runs were made by the Huber Heights Fire Division between Sept. 28 to Oct. 4.

Sept. 28

EMS Assist, Pinegate

EMS Assist, Cedar Knolls

EMS Assist, Timbercrest

Fire Alarm, Old Troy

Sept. 29

Fire Alarm, Longford

Illegal Burn, Kapp

EMS Assist, Brandt

Sept. 30

Spill (Small), Interstate 70

EMS Assist, Dial

Auto Accident, Brandt Pike at Fishburg

Service Call, Pennywell

EMS Assist, Shore

Investigation (Odor), Troy Villa

Service Call, Troy Villa

Oct. 1

EMS Assist, Bengie

EMS Assist, Executive

Auto Accident, Kitridge Rd. at Bellefontaine

EMS Assist, Shull

Oct. 2

Service Call, Harshmanville

EMS Assist, Brandt

Structure Fire, Kingsbury

Auto Accident, Beacon Tree

EMS Assist, Berchman

EMS Assist, Pocono

EMS Assist, Helwig

Oct. 3

EMS Assist, Prince Edward

Carbon Monoxide With Illness, Broomall

EMS Assist, Chambersburg

EMS Assist, Nebraska

Electrical Hazard (Outside), Brandonview

EMS Assist, Shull

Oct. 4

EMS Assist, Rolling Glen

EMS Assist, Clearlake

Auto Accident, Blackshear

EMS Assist, Old Troy

EMS Assist, Longford

Fire Alarm, New Carlisle

Service Call, State Route 235 at Chambersburg

Carbon Monoxide (No Illness), Longford

Carbon Monoxide (No Illness), Longford

EMS Assist, Harshmanville

Structure Fire, Encore

To reach the Huber Heights Fire Division, call 233-1564

To reach the Huber Heights Fire Division, call 233-1564