Fire Division filling community need with CPR classes

HUBER HEIGHTS — Since implementing CPR classes in April, the Huber Heights Fire Division as been able to raise more than $2,000 to help create a self-sustaining program.

The classes, which cost $40 per person, review CPR techniques for adults, children and infants. The program has been so successful, that new class times have been added each month.

“We’ve had a tremendous response from the community with this program,” said Fire Chief Mark Ashworth. “This has been a great way for us to reach out to the community and help people respond more effectively to safety issues that require rapid CPR response, while allowing our department to do more while using less tax dollars.”

Classes last about three hours. The recognized registration period is two years, and classes are taught as available slots fill up.

Because the city of Huber Heights passed Issue 19 in November, the Fire Division is able to offer residents these classes for a significantly subsidized price. The Huber Heights CPR classes have the smallest per-person cost in the area so that residents are not prohibited from attending due to cost.

For more information about upcoming classes, please visit

“This program was intended to be self sustaining and so far it has been extremely successful,” said Ashworth. “We truly appreciate the support of the community and hope that we can continue these classes, making our city a safer place to live.”