VANDALIA — Dee Hail, who is a National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor and a MRA certified range safety officer, spoke at the Rotary Club of Vandalia on Thursday concerning Ohio’s concealed carry laws and license application. She traced the history of how the concealed carry law has changed. In 1968, the 4473 form was required to be filled out. In 1994, the Brady Bill, signed by President Bill Clinton required a five day waiting period to obtain a gun allowing time for a background check.

In 1998, the National Instant Criminal background check system began. Of those issued, only .5 percent are denied.

There are 10 hours of instruction required and another two hours of experience shooting a handgun and is good for five years.

In 2015, five additional states recognized Ohio’s concealed carry permits, including Colrado, Georgia, New Hampshire, Texas and Wisconsin. Ohio now has reciprocity with 28 total states.