Two Huber Heights donors achieve milestones

Vaughn Beams and Steve Flanagan make their 150th lifetime donations

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<strong>Vaughn Beams</strong> (Contributed photo)

Vaughn Beams (Contributed photo)

Steve Flanagan (Contributed photo)

DAYTON — Huber Heights donor Vaughn Beams is a soft-spoken man with a calm patience that comes from 30 years of teaching kindergarten and first grade in the Huber Heights, Dayton, and Northridge school systems. He took the same, patient approach on his “Donor for Life” journey to 150 lifetime donations, a milestone he celebrated July 25 at the Dayton CBC Donor Center.

“I started when I was in basic training in the Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky,” Vaughn said about the beginning of the journey. “We weren’t asked! That was September 1972.”

Vaughn was a whole blood donor up to his 68th lifetime donation, then began giving platelets. “I liked it because it was quicker between donations, you could donate more often.”

It’s true that Vaughn may have been “impatient” about waiting 56 days between whole blood donations, but he was very patient about matrimony and waiting for his wife Jan to come along.

“I didn’t get married until I was 56,” he said. “Then I met the girl standing in front of me in the choir at First Presbyterian Church.” Vaughn and Jan have been married 13 years.

Vaughn retired from teaching in 2009 and stays busy serving as a volunteer with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. He’s often asked to help with traffic situations, but not on the night of the Memorial Day tornadoes.

Vaughn and Jan waited out the Memorial Day tornadoes in the basement of their Huber Heights home. The twisters spared their house, but damaged two of his rental properties in north Dayton.

“One is a tear-down, the other can be refurbished,” he said. “The people are still living in them, there’s no place else to live.”

“My goal is now 200 donations,” he said after receiving his “Donor for Life – 150 LTD” blanket as commemorative gift. “That will be like going to Disneyland!” he said with a glee that his first-graders would have enjoyed. “After that is all bonus!”

Congratulations to Huber Heights donor Steve Flanagan on reaching his milestone 150th lifetime donation July 25 at the Dayton CBC Donor Center. “I probably began sometime in the ‘70’s when I worked for the City of Dayton,” he said of his “Donor for Life” journey. “One of the guys I worked with was a donor and he talked me into coming with him.” Steven was soon a regular, averaging five or six donations per year at the downtown center. “I try to give as often as I can,” he said.

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Vaughn Beams (Contributed photo) Beams (Contributed photo)

Steve Flanagan (Contributed photo) Flanagan (Contributed photo)
Vaughn Beams and Steve Flanagan make their 150th lifetime donations

Staff Report