Huber Heights K-9 officer placed on leave

Disciplinary process underway

By Darrell Wacker -



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HUBER HEIGHTS — Huber Heights K-9 officer Michael Reckner has been placed on administrative leave after an internal investigation found he used excessive force during an arrest last December.

Police Chief Mark Lightner announced the findings of the internal investigation in a press release last week.

The incident occurred on December 20 when two police officers were assisting a motorist on Taylorsville Road. A motorist driving in the opposite direction crissed the center line and struck an officer in the leg and nearly struck the second officer. The driver did not stop and the second officer, Reckner, pursued the driver and initiated a stop further down Taylorsville Road.

After ordering the driver out of the car, Reckner realized the driver, Renee Shippy, 50, of Huber Heights, was intoxicated and had difficulty speaking and standing. Reckner transported her to the police department for arrest processing.

While at the police department, Shippy complained of pain in her arm and she was transported to a local medical care center.

A police shift supervisor who was at the medical facility overheard her complaint and began an immediate review and the internal review.

“After a thorough review of the incident, the finding of facts report and investigation concluded that the arresting officer was in violation of the Police Division’s Rules of Conduct for courtesy, treatment of persons in custody, and use of force,” Lightner wrote. “The facts of the incident revealed the treatment of the arrestee was not in compliance with division policies, and the amount of force used in the incident was more than reasonably necessary for the circumstances.”

Reckner now faces the department’s disciplinary process.

“The City of Huber Heights and the Huber Heights Police Division’s first priority is to protect the safety of its citizens,” said Lightner. “The City and Police Division maintain strict policies to ensure citizens are treated fairly and professionally. These policies are frequently reviewed, confirmed and trained on by employees. Any time these policies are violated, an established and competent process is followed to make sure the facts are determined, and employees are held accountable to the highest level. This incident will be no exception.”

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Disciplinary process underway

By Darrell Wacker

Reach Darrell Wacker at (937) 684-8983 or on Twitter @HH_Courier.

Reach Darrell Wacker at (937) 684-8983 or on Twitter @HH_Courier.