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The Huber Heights Senior Center enjoyed a visit from the Grinch. Pictured is Ned Yaney with Andi Otto as the Grinch

The Huber Heights Senior Center enjoyed a visit from the Grinch. Pictured is Ned Yaney with Andi Otto as the Grinch

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HUBER HEIGHTS — Below is a calendar of events for the Huber Heights Senior Center located at 6428 Chambersburg Road. Reach the Senior Center at 233-999 or online at


To be eligible to participate in center activities and to receive the monthly newsletter, you must be a current member. Dues are $20 (checks preferred); there is no extra charge for non-residents. Renewal is due every January. Please make sure that you receive a new membership card when you join or renew (includes honorary members). Those joining for the first time will receive a welcome packet (one per family). All are required to sign a general liability waiver.

New members are welcome anytime; seniors must be at least fifty to join and their younger spouses are welcome to join. Those turning 90 by March 1 are honorary and not charged the membership fee; however, an application must be on file and updated every January.

Interested seniors may be permitted to visit three times before joining. Dues are reduced to $5 October through December for first-time applicants only with the full renewal fee of $20 due in January.


Feel welcome to walk in for the following screening (no fasting required). Open to seniors in the community. Unavoidable short-notice cancellations may occur at times.

Tuesday: January 8, 11:45-12:45, with blood pressure and sugar checks by The Laurels of Huber Heights.


A Sinclair College instructor offers a variety of practical and interesting exercises to a variety of music. You need to be a member of the senior center and register with Sinclair College to participate. Class is held at the senior center at 9 and 10 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. The spring semester starts January 7.

Senior center members may join a class any time during the year with the understanding that the full amount of $25 will be billed by Sinclair College, no matter how many weeks remain in that semester. If you factor in the total numbers of classes per semester, it comes out to less than $1 per class. Please contact Pat for registration information.


There is no need to eat alone when you can enjoy a nutritious meal and the company of other seniors in a casual and friendly setting. The senior center is a site for the congregate meal program sponsored by Senior Resource. A donation of $2 is suggested from those aged 60 and up; those under 60 are required to pay $4.65. Lunch is open to the public and served 11:15 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Tuesdays and 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. Milk and/or water included. Please call 233-9999 by 12 p.m. the day before to make a reservation or to cancel. A choice of entrée is offered; if you do not indicate a preference, the entrée listed first will be ordered. Note: order Jan. 22 lunch by noon on Friday, January 18.


A new eight-week session for members only will start January 3 for both the beginner and intermediate class. Cost is $20 and due when registering. Please note that refunds are not issued once the first class is held.

Beginner class is from 9:30-10:30 and the intermediates are from 10:45-11:45 on Thursdays. It is recommended that you have line danced for a least a year before registering for the intermediate level class. Weather: please be prepared for class to extend an additional week or more in the event the center closes for weather.

Men and women are welcome to participate, partners are not needed, and instructor, Rose Winkler, provides a variety of music and dance steps to make this class interesting and fun.


Do you need help with your computer, tablet, Kindle, eBooks, cell phones, or any of the current electronic computer devices including games? Drop in from 9:30 -10:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 31, and be prepared with your specific questions; bring your device with you if possible. Please note that this is not a computer class. Notary service is available as well.


Senior center members may register the first ten days. After that, non-member seniors or those ages 21-49 accompanying a senior, may register for remaining seats.

Registration dates shown are for members; non-members register ten days later.

April 14-20: Myrtle Beach (register by 2/7)

May 8: Snooty Fox (register 2/20)

June 19: Ricky Nelson Tribute (register 3/19)

June 23-25: Soaring Eagle (register 2/7, 1 p.m.)

Sept. 7-13: Canada (register 3/7, 1 p.m.)

Dec. 2: Christmas of Yesteryear (register 9/3)


Free income tax return preparation by VITA/AARP Certified Tax-Aid Volunteers will be available at the Huber Heights Senior Center on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning February 1 through April 12. Tax returns will be prepared by appointment only; call 233-9999 beginning January 2. If a family needs multiple returns prepared, each person must have a separate appointment (does not apply to filing jointly). If you request a specific tax counselor, this may increase your waiting time. Note: City tax, farm, business returns will not be prepared.

Make sure you have All documents to file your return:

*Documents for all sources of 2018 income (e.g., all W2 wages, 1099R pension/IRA, SSA Social Security, unemployment & disability income, interest, dividends, stocks, winnings, etc.)

*Form 1095-A from the Marketplace if claiming the Premium Tax Credit for medical insurance.

*Medical/Rx expense and property tax information even if not itemizing.

*If planning to itemize deductions, expense information is also needed (e.g., medical and Rx, property taxes, mortgage interest and charitable contributions).

*MUST bring: a copy of your 2017 Tax Return, government issued photo ID for yourself AND spouse (if filing jointly), Social Security card(s) (yourself AND spouse AND dependents listed on your return), and proof of medical insurance. Otherwise your tax return may not be prepared.

Cancellations: if you need to cancel, please call the center as soon as possible so your space can be filled; call even if it is the same day as your appointment. A future appointment cannot be guaranteed if you cancel.

Weather Procedure: if the Huber Heights Schools close for weather, the senior center will close. A member of the tax team will call you in the morning that day to reschedule your appointment for the same time on the next available Tuesday. Please note you might not recognize the name or number if you have caller ID. Since Tuesday will be the official make-up day for weather cancellations, those with appointments may want to keep Tuesdays open.

The Huber Heights Senior Center enjoyed a visit from the Grinch. Pictured is Ned Yaney with Andi Otto as the Grinch Huber Heights Senior Center enjoyed a visit from the Grinch. Pictured is Ned Yaney with Andi Otto as the Grinch Contributed photo

Staff report