Outpatient Care Center for Dayton Children’s to open in mid-September

HUBER HEIGHTS — An 18,000 square foot Outpatient Care Center for Dayton Children’s is expected to open in mid-September at 8501 Old Troy Pike, near Lowe’s, for patients up to the age of 21.

According to Lisa Henderson, Director of Business Development for Dayton Children’s, there will be a testing center on site with lab and imaging facilities. There will also be ultrasound and x-ray services on site.

There will be a comprehensive rehab location. This includes speech language therapy, audiology, physical therapy and occupational therapy in one cohesive center in Huber, according to Henderson.

“Our rehab department has been growing and doing really well and we’re making a really concerted effort to put these services in the community so the patient has easy access,” said Henderson. “A lot of these patients are coming back a couple of times a week for their therapy services, so it keeps them from the extra drive to the main campus, so it’s going to be a really convenient location for a lot of our families in the Huber community.”

The idea for this Huber Heights location began to materialize during the past two years when Dayton Children’s went through a robust ambulatory plan, looking at what services were offered in the community and where needs were as part of the Destination 2010 Plan.

“Again, we looked at the market and where the needs were and where we’d be best able to serve our patients, so there was a great opportunity in Huber Heights,” said Henderson.

Henderson said their research showed that Huber has “great growth potential.”

“We’re just excited to be able to serve families at a more convenient location,” she said.

Prior to opening, Dayton Children’s will be communicating with and partnering with their community pediatricians so they know what services are available for their patients. Henderson said this is important because most visitors to this location will be referred by their pediatrician. She said that testing services patients can walk in for lab services, but they have to have an order from their physician.