Fire and EMS runs for July 27 to Aug. 2

HUBER HEIGHTS — The following fire and EMS runs were made by the Huber Heights Fire Division between

July 27

Carbon Monoxide With Illness, Harshmanville

EMS Assist, Saffron

Fire Alarm, Chambersburg

EMS Assist, Old Troy

Fire Alarm, Old Troy

Auto Accident, Chambersburg Rd. at Innsdale

July 28

EMS Assist, Waynedale

EMS Assist, Taylorsville

EMS Assist, Deer Bluff

Fire Alarm, Oak Ridge

Mutual Aid, Interstate 70

EMS Assist, Brandt

Fire Alarm, Huber

EMS Assist, Alter

Gas Leak (Natural), Mozart

Investigation (Odor), Chambersburg

July 29

Investigation (Odor), Pepper

EMS Assist, Millhoff

Mutual Aid, Needmore

Mutual Aid, Galewood

EMS Assist, Bufort

EMS Assist, Charlesgate

EMS Assist, Leawood

Auto Accident, Brandt

EMS Assist, Hilgeford

Auto Accident, State Route 4 at New Carlisle

EMS Assist, Old Troy

Mutual Aid, Benchwood

July 30

EMS Assist, Merily

Structure Fire, Hemingway

Fire Alarm, Charlesgate

July 31

Fire Alarm, Montague

EMS Assist, Taylorsville

Service Call, Old Troy

EMS Assist, Old Troy

EMS Assist, Harshmanville

Investigation (Odor), Angora Way at Tabby

Aug. 1

Carbon Monoxide (No Illness), Bassett

EMS Assist, Procuniar

Fire Alarm, Progress

EMS Assist, Bellefontaine

EMS Assist, Falkland

EMS Assist, Willow Tree

EMS Assist, Brandt

EMS Assist, Shalamar

Mutual Aid, Poe

Fire Alarm, Oak Creek

Electrical Hazard (Outside), Interstate 70

Aug. 2

EMS Assist, Blackshear

Reach the Huber Heights Fire Division at 233-1564.

Reach the Huber Heights Fire Division at 233-1564.